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Drive-Thru Cleaning Services in New Orleans: Premium Washing and Cleaning for a Spotless Drive

Make your customers come back with a sparkly clean drive-thru. Big Easy Pressure Washing is your professional drive-thru cleaning team who are expert in power washing stubborn stains and dirt.

The equipment and products we use are top-of-the-line and manufactured under the industry’s strictest code. We make sure that driveways are evenly cleaned with no stain marks, tire marks, and dirt on the surface.

Don’t leave your drive-thru looking tired and neglected. Our expert drive-thru cleaners will help restore it to its former glory with the best cleaning services in New Orleans.

We Make Your Drive-thru Shine With Fast And Efficient Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing - Big easy Pressure washingOur Drive-thru cleaning services in New Orleans cover all types of surfaces including tarmac, concrete, painted concrete, and block paving.

To ensure that tough stains and grease are removed, we use hot water, channeled through pressure washers.

The ideal temperature of the water we use for our pressure washers reaches up to 150 degrees Celsius. We also use specially formulated chemicals when hot water is not enough to remove tough dirt, grime, and stains.

This allows us to be able to deep clean your drive-thru.

We use a completely self-contained van that carries everything we need for pressure washing your drive-thru with:

  • Water
  • Generator
  • Pressure washer
  • Hotbox boiler
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Safety equipment

Our pressure washing services for drive-thru cleaning can remove the following on surfaces:

  • Oil stains
  • Petrol and Diesel stains
  • Algae, moss, lichen
  • Grease and grime
  • Tire marks
  • Graffiti
  • Chewing gum
  • Fluid stains
  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Bird waste
  • And more!

You don’t need to worry about running out of water because we have approved access to local water standpipes in New Orleans. At Big Easy Pressure Washing, we aim to make every drive-thru of our clients spotless by removing the toughest stains safely and quickly.

Drive-thru Cleaning Services Cost

The cost of drive-thru cleaning with pressure washing is not fixed.  It depends on several factors, such as:

  • Area to be cleaned
  • The time that it takes to wash
  • Materials and equipment used

Pressure washing Drive thruOur drive-thru cleaning contractor will give you a free quote after visiting your site and making an analysis of what cleaning your drive-thru surface requires.

We approach each drive-thru cleaning surface individually.

After an assessment of your drive-thru, our contractor will decide on the proper mix of chemicals and detergents that will be used to thoroughly clean your drive-thru.

Call us today so we can schedule when our contractor will visit your site.

Then you will get a quote for the drive-thru services that you need to get your drive-thru back in shape.

Drive-thru Cleaning Services: Are They Required?

It is necessary to have your drive-thru cleaned. It is more important than you can imagine even if it may sometimes feel like it is additional work. You can always call us for professional drive-thru cleaning and we will deal with the direct and grime on your drive-thru surface.

Here are reasons why you need exceptional drive-thru cleaning services from us:

Avoid Hefty Fines For Being Unsanitary

New Orleans requires businesses with drive-thru’s to meet a sanitary rating. This includes all surfaces including drive-thru surfaces since they are most exposed to dirt, grime, and other elements that make the surface dirty and unpleasant to look at.

To continue your operations smoothly, you should meet the sanitary rating. We help maintain the immaculate condition of your drive-thru surfaces so that you will not be fined expensively by the New Orleans government.

Promote the Safety of Employees and Customers

A drive-thru surface that is filled with grime, algae, and moss can pose several potential dangers. Grease and oily surfaces are incredibly slick, even surfaces that have moss and algae growing on them.

Your employees and customers can slip and fall, and be seriously injured which can cost you a hefty amount of money for a lawsuit. We eliminate grease and oil stains, and the growth of moss and algae on your drive-thru surface to make sure that it is extremely safe for your customers to drive through.

Why Choose Us For Your Pressure Washing Needs?

pressure nozzle with water coming outCleaning is our specialty.  Big Easy Pressure Washing protects your business, employees, and customers by thoroughly cleaning your drive-thru.

We provide a pleasant experience for everyone involved in your business with a sparkly clean drive-thru that complies with New Orleans’ sanitary standards.

We take pride in our vast experience in cleaning the drive-thrus of many business establishments like fast-food restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, and hotels.

We use only the latest technology and equipment to pressure wash tough stains and grime on drive-thru surfaces.  We will work on your budget and determine the best drive-thru cleaning service that satisfies your needs.

Our exceptional customer care has made us earn the trust of many of our clients.

We tailor each drive-thru cleaning service according to our client’s requirements and make sure that you are fully satisfied and happy.

Pressure Washing Services We Offer

We have invested in training each member of our team to understand the science behind an efficient and safe residential or commercial pressure washing service. It is our job to deliver superior pressure washing to achieve the best results and meet your expectations.

Our great team is trained to take on different types of residential and commercial pressure washing services depending on the client’s needs:

  • Business pressure washing:  keeps your driveway and business exterior professional-looking to motivate potential customers to keep coming back. Quality pressure washing by trained professionals can also remove harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, and algae, that can cause long-term damage.
  • Residential power washing: instantly improves the curb appeal of your home by restoring the color and vibrance to your exterior surfaces.  Many elements can dull your driveway, roof, and other exterior hard surfaces in your residential property. With quality pressure washing, the aesthetic quality and life of these surfaces will be maintained.

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We bring back the glory of your drive-thru with the best pressure washing and cleaning services in New Orleans. If you want to recapture the beauty of your drive-thru surface, call us today, and our highly-trained and equipped team of pressure washers will be happy to do the work for you.