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Safe and Effective Commercial Sidewalks And Walkways Cleaning Services In New Orleans

Big Easy Pressure Washing is your trusted expert in sidewalk and walkway cleaning in New Orleans.

Sidewalks and walkways should be safe to walk on and this can be accomplished with effective and regular cleaning.

Dirt, algae, and standing water on sidewalks and walkways can be a hazard to passersby. They are also an eye sore.

We are pressure washing experts in New Orleans who can keep your sidewalk or walkway pristine.

Whether in a commercial or residential setting, we make sure that you have a clean and safe sidewalk and walkway. We will make a first great impression on visitors who come to your home or commercial building.

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Sidewalks And Walkways Cleaning Services Costs

The average price to pressure wash a sidewalk, patio, driveway or pathway is $0.20-$0.40 per square foot. The total amount you’ll spend varies according to the size of your project and how long it takes to complete the job—labor typically costs $25-$100/hour for more complicated projects.

You will get a free quote from us when you call for a sidewalk or walkway cleaning service. After a free initial conversation with our cleaning expert, and determining the needs of your property, you will be given an estimated cost for your sidewalk or walkway cleaning project.

Importance Of a Sidewalk And a Walkway Cleaning Service

Street cleaner- big Easy pressure washingSidewalks and walkways receive a lot of traffic and are exposed to the elements every day.

These can cause normal wear and tear on the surfaces and even the inner layers of your sidewalk and walkway.

Cracks and breaks on your walkway and sidewalk can get worse when plants start to grow on them and when dirt fills the gaps.

They will be more difficult to clean when they are not noticed and can cause more costly problems in the future.

With regular cleaning of your sidewalks and walkways in New Orleans, you can: 

1.  Reduce Fall Hazards

Removal of moss, dirt, dust, droppings and other debris from the surface of your sidewalk and walkway will save many pedestrians from falling and slipping. Although these materials stay on the surface and do not penetrate the concrete, they can become extremely slippery when they are not removed.

When they accumulate on the surface and are exposed to moisture in the air and water, they can cause slips and falls. When they are thoroughly removed with effective cleaning, your sidewalk and walkway will look more beautiful and safe for use.

2.  Extract Difficult Concrete Stains

Sidewalks and walkways can be grimy and deteriorate at a rapid rate. When stains are allowed to stay on the surface of your sidewalk or walkway, you will notice soon enough that the acidic or caustic properties will eat away the concrete.

After a few more weeks without cleaning, the concrete on your sidewalk or walkway will begin to wear and tear from the elements. It can permanently discolor concrete and make it start to crumble.

3.  Manage Weed Growth

When cracks are left unmanaged on your sidewalk or walkway, weeds can begin to grow. Joints on designed walkways and sidewalks are also openings that can welcome the growth of weeds and other plants.

Weed growth can be annoying and leaves an impression that your commercial space is unkempt and neglected. Regular sidewalks and walkway cleaning can control and prevent weed growth because pressure washing can remove existing small weeds and wash away any soil to prevent regrowth.

4.  Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

A walkway or sidewalk is a prominent part of your property. It can be the first structure that is noticed before people enter your building. When a sidewalk and walkway are kept clean, people will have the impression that you have a well-kept home or commercial space.

A pristine look will make customers feel welcome. It will also make them feel that you value their safety. When you keep your sidewalk and walkway clean, you are improving the curb appeal of your property and increasing the chances of customers going inside your store.

With Big Easy Pressure Washing, you are assured that you get a sidewalk and walkway that are thoroughly cleaned. Our team of expert cleaners uses the best techniques and the most advanced equipment to make cleaning effective and safe. We want you to enjoy all the benefits of having a pristine sidewalk and walkway on your New Orleans property.

Sidewalk Cleaning Techniques

Worker cleaning a street sidewalk- Big Easy Pressure WashingTo be able to properly and safely clean a sidewalk in New Orleans, we use the best techniques and proper equipment. Our team is trained and experienced in dealing with any type of dirt, stain, or grime on a sidewalk.

Our washing services and cleaning services for sidewalks are focused on effectively removing stains, dirt, and grime that pose tripping and slipping hazards.

  • Pre-Treating

Sidewalks can become very dirty because they are not regularly cleaned. Sometimes the dirt becomes very difficult to remove, especially on concrete sidewalks. Concrete is a porous material and grime and stains can sink in.

Our sidewalk cleaning technique involves pretreating. We apply a special pretreatment solution on the entire surface of the sidewalk. This will help loosen, soften, and lift the dirt, stains, and grime. Pre-treating will prepare the effective cleaning of the sidewalk with our special equipment for the next step.

  • Power Washing

Our power washing service uses the most-advanced power washer equipment for sidewalk and walkway cleaning. Power washing can make cleaning tough dirt and stains on sidewalks and walkways much easier and quicker.

Our power washer pushes heated water deep into the pores, cracks, and breaks on the surface of the sidewalk or walkway to dislodge and remove even the most minuscule set-in dirt particles. You are assured that all these particles and the stains will be removed completely.

We have a power washing expert trained and experienced to use specialist power washing equipment. Power washing is a specialist cleaning technique that should be done by a professional who knows how to control pressure for different levels of cleaning a sidewalk.

Call Big Easy Pressure Washing For Sidewalks And Walkways Cleaning Services

Sidewalk cleaning and walkway cleaning are our expertise. Our cleaning service helps protect your commercial property’s sidewalks and walkways from microorganisms that can harm your people’s health and the growth of moss and other weeds that can be slipping and tripping hazards for you and your customers. We use environmentally-safe chemicals for treatment and power washing.

We provide free estimates for our sidewalk and walkway cleaning services to make your property look its best.

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