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New Orleans Dumpster and Floor Mats Cleaning Services – Protect Your Business From Dirt and Debris

Dumpsters and mats are essential in keeping our home clean and organized, however most of the time we forget that they need cleaning too. That’s why Big Easy Pressure Washing services can get you covered with this concern.

They offer services that help you have cleaner homes and more sanitized dumping areas. Garbage can be annoying if you can not put them in the dumpster and just scatter them everywhere.

So have your dumpster regularly cleaned so your garbage can always be placed in the right area.

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Dumpsters and Floor Mats Cleaning Services Cost

The commercial dumpster cleaning cost and container cleaning with pressure washing as well as for floor mats ranges from $15 to $100 depending if they are cleaned individually or all at once.

Getting them cleaned all at once can lower the cost as Big Easy Pressure Washing services offer packages in dumpster pad cleaning, pressure washing, removal of dumpster pad, and other services.

Benefits of Dumpster Services and Floor Mat Cleaning

Pest Control

Pest loves to hover or even dig in on garbage if not properly kept, this can increase their numbers and eventually lead to pest infestation.

Pest infestation will not only ruin your garbage but also your home as well since they will be looking for more food resources and will lead them to your kitchen. Having your dumpster and mats cleaned regularly can avoid this issue.

Always make sure to contact Big Easy Pressure Washing services to wash all those insects, dirt, and unsanitary elements that have invaded your dumpster.

Promotes Good Health

Getting yourself safe from not getting exposed to your garbage by having a clean dumpster all the time can be a good way to promote good health.

Garbage can spoil or produce toxic elements when not disposed of properly, there is a tendency that some garbage to be left despite throwing your trash at your scheduled trash disposal.

The residue of your garbage can spoil and soil your dumpster and leave a bad smell which can be harmful to your health.


Instead of spending so many hours cleaning your dumpster and floor mat let the experts do it. You will send some amount but you can get a guaranteed result and you get your money’s worth.

So contact Big Easy Pressure Washing services to clean your dumpster and floor mats.

Why Choose Us for Your Dumpsters and Floor Mats Cleaning Services

Good Reputation

Floor Mats Cleaning Service

Big Easy Pressure Washing services are known in New Orleans, since they cater local residents, they can tell you more about them. The feedback from their previous clients can show how they handle their clients and jobs.

A business that has a good reputation will be known in their area, so choosing them will leave you with no regrets.

Skilled Workers

The workers are skilled and knowledgeable on how to get rid of all the unnecessary elements in your dumpster plus they have the right tools and equipment.

Their services are outstanding and they make sure that they take care of everything which includes your dumpsters, plastic outdoor trash, and plastic indoor trash.

Works with Professionalism

The workers in Big Easy Pressure Washing services are professional when handling their jobs. They make sure to be on time and finish on time, they don’t let their clients wait. They also finish their job by leaving no traces of garbage in their dumpster and mats.


They are credible since they have the necessary documents such as permits, licenses, and even certifications. As a pressure washing company, they have to have sanitation certificates to show that they are oriented and accredited to do their services with the right knowledge, skills, and documentation.

Other Services We Offer

Gutter Cleaning

The gutter needs cleaning to removed debris and other elements that may impede the flow of water on it. Pressure washing is a good way to remove all those elements stuck into your gutter and Big Easy Pressure Washing can do this service for you.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning can also be handled by Big Easy Pressure Washing services. Pressure washings can clean the driveway and leave it spotless and remove slippery surfaces that may put you at risk. With their cleaning services, your worries will be less.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Big Easy Pressure Washing services also offered commercial cleaning services and parking lot cleaning is one of them. The parking lot may be a plain area but they need cleaning too, having a clean parking area can boost your business so make sure that they are spotless to attract more vehicle owners to park in your space.

Sidewalks and Walkways Cleaning

Sidewalks and walkways are public areas, however, if you have a business then the walkways in front of your area are your responsibility. You can call us anytime to keep your area clean and make it ideal for your customers to walk on it.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles and grout can be hard to clean since they have small crevices where dirt can accumulate. Pressure washing will do the job and removes all dirt on the surface and even behind your tiles and grout.

Keep them clean to avoid shortening their lifespan.

Upholstery Cleaning 

Cleaning your upholstery can take you a lot of time and that deep-seated dirt won’t come off. Getting your upholstery clean can be us using the right tools and equipment.

A clean upholstery can give you better comfort at home and mites free too.

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If you need to clean your dumpster and floor mats then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can take about the process including everything you need to know.

Before we start the work we have to get your approval and meet in the middle, in that way we could build a good relationship with you and be our regular client.

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