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Parking lots are used by many vehicles and they look clean but they aren’t actually. Cleaning your parking lot can attract more vehicle owners and this can increase your profit and your business. Commercial parking lots need cleaning and maintenance too, so better have them cleaned regularly.

Big Easy Pressure Washing service can help you in keeping your parking lot spotless. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pressure washing services!

Parking Lots Cleaning Services Cost

The cost of pressure washing for the commercial parking lot is computed per square foot at 0.40 to 0.80 or more and the rate can also be per hour which ranges from $60 to $100. Big Easy Pressure Washing service can give you an accurate cost so you can be prepared with your budget.

Methods for Cleaning Parking Lots in New Orleans

Commercial Sweeping

Sweeping can remove any dirt, dust, and elements on the surface of your parking lot. This manner of cleaning should be done every day to avoid them creating clogs on the train that can result in destroying your asphalt.

The asphalt can be scraped as vehicles run over it and using too harsh a cleaning material can damage it too, therefore sweeping can be the best way to clean your parking lot. Commercial cleaning is often included in cleaning services.

Pressure Washing

The pressure washing services methods simply use water mixed with high-pressure chemicals and detergents. The pressure alone can remove all deep-seated elements in your parking lot.

Commercial parking lots are often exposed to leaked fuels and heat which can cause their surface to become sticky and slippery. A pressure washer can do the job, especially if manned by skilled workers.

Reasons To Have Your Parking Lot Cleaned

Preserves Your Property

Regularly cleaning your parking lot and parking garage can preserve the state of your asphalt. Since dirt and dust can make the asphalt wear off faster, simply sweeping the commercial parking lot regularly can make it free from dust and dirt, but for further cleaning then pressure washing can be best.

Preserving your investment is essential to gain more profit for your business instead of losing since you have to have your parking lot reconstructed now and then. To protect your property by simply cleaning them.

Protect You From Company Lawsuits

Simple and intense parking garage cleaning services or commercial parking lot cleaning can protect you from lawsuits from your clients or partners and take care of your business.

If you maintain your property to be clean and safe to use then there will be lower issues to resolve just in case there are some accidents or unexpected occurrences in your parking lot area.

Most owners’ associations’ parking encourages every member to have their commercial parking lot maintained to avoid such issues and have better business growth.

It Serves as Pest Control

The clean parking lot will have lesser pests, rats and other pests usually nest in dirty areas and they even infest them when the property continues to be dirty.

Getting your commercial parking lot or parking garage taken care of by cleaning services can make it not attractive for pests.

A pest infestation can damage your property when not addressed so better maintain the cleanliness in your parking lot or parking garage and get the cleaning service it needs.

Protect your company, property, and business by getting rid of pests that can affect your productivity.

Keeps Your Parking Garage Clean in and Out

Having your entire garage cleaning parking and commercial parking lot cleaned by pressure washing can make it be cleaned in and put.

The surface, corners, and under-layers of your property can be cleaned very well if pressure washing is used. So getting Big Easy Pressure Washing service to do the job can help you boost your business, company, and property as well.

As a business owner make sure that you comply with the association’s parking lot rules by maintaining an impression parking lot by simply washing them regularly with the right cleaning service providers.

Parking Lots Cleaning Service

Types of Parking Garage Cleaning and Pressure Washing

First Level

In this level, rinsing is mostly made to get rid of debris and dirt on the surface of parking lots or can also be done in parking garages.

The wand of the pressure washer is raised to 10″ from above the surface and it did 10-12 times. The rinsing should be focused on the corners, around parking blocks, and the garage door.

This level can leave some light “wand marks” but soon disappear after cleaning.

Second Level

This level focuses on spot cleaning especially on areas with oil stains, so they can be helpful with garage cleaning gas.

Since some vehicles have oil or gas leaks when they park, there is a tendency for oil stains to stay on the parking lot surface.

The pressure washer is aimed at 4″ from the surface and done 5″ to 6″ at a time. The water will be mixed with a degreaser to allow oils to get off easier.

Third Level

This level is for deep cleaning, pre-treating oil stains are done to make the cleaning more intense. the tip of the pressure washer is healthy at 2″ to 3″ from the surface and cleans about 2″ to 3″ at a time.

This can clean the inner part of the asphalt of the parking lot. Perfect cleaning method for parking garage cleaning and parking lot cleaning.

By using these levels you are assured to have a clean garage parking lot.

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