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A clean roof will save you from many costly repairs. A clean roof will provide you with the protection and safety your family needs inside your home.

Big Easy Pressure Washing is a pressure washing company dedicated to roof cleaning. We provide market-leading services in New Orleans that will assure you of a fully functional roof that will live longer than its lifespan.

With our regular roof cleaning services, you can expect your roof’s life expectancy to increase twice its remaining life.

We offer the most comprehensive range of roof cleaning services that cover careful planning, safety, assessment, and quality workmanship from start to finish.

We clean all types of residential roofs and roofing systems, no matter how big or small. Our roof cleaning experts are committed to making sure that your roof will be durable so that you can be protected.

Contact us today to schedule a free roof cleaning estimate and obtain these services that will definitely exceed your expectations.

How to Know If You Need Roof Cleaning

The roof is the most exposed part of the house to external elements, especially the sun, rain, and snow. It is, therefore, very crucial to keep it well-maintained and clean so that it will fulfill the purpose for which it was built.

To keep your roof clean at all times, you should know the signs that will tell you your roof needs cleaning.

These signs include:

  1. The Presence of Moss and Lichen

    New Orleans Residential Gutter Cleaning From Big Easy Pressure WashingMoss and lichen can easily grow on your roof because it is fully exposed to moisture in the air. Sometimes, there are spaces and depressions on your roof where moisture and water can be collected, creating a perfect ground for the growth of moss and lichen.

    The growth of moss and lichen on your roof can look like crusty material. When you notice this, make sure that you have them cleaned right away before they become deeply rooted on your roof.

    Intense moss growth on your roof can create a channel for water to penetrate into and eventually through the shingles. When the growth becomes worse, the seal that binds the shingles together can be damaged and cause leaks to your roof.

  2. The Growth of Black Algae

    When you notice unsightly black streaks and darker shingles on your roof, this is a sign that your roof is infested with the growth of black algae. Similar to what moss growth can do on your roof, black algae can shorten the life of your roof because they feed off the asphalt in your shingle.

    When asphalt breaks down, your roof can begin to fail to soak in UV rays instead of reflecting them further, causing water to penetrate.

  3. Debris

    Any type of debris that is left on the roof can create a place that harbors the growth of bacteria and other organisms. Moreover, when the debris is flushed down by water to the gutter system, it can cause clogging that will eventually lead to a damaged roof. Without regular roof cleaning, debris can pile up on your roof and cause more serious problems.

  4. Clogged Gutters

    When you notice that the drainage system on your roof is not functioning well, it is a sign that your roof needs cleaning. Clogged gutters can cause backflow to your roof where water is pooled and can create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. It can also cause rot.

    When water overflows down the siding of your clogged gutters, it can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Hence, when you notice that your gutters are clogged, you should have them cleaned right away.

  5. Lifted Roof Shingles

    There are many reasons why the shingles on your roof get lifted. The most possible causes include the accumulated growth of moss, algae, grime, molds, and other particles. If these are not cleaned off your roof, expect more costly damage to your home.

Why Are Roof Cleaning Services a Must for Your New Orleans Home

We use the best methods and the latest techniques in our services for residential roof cleaning in New Orleans. We cover all areas, including Madisonville, Mandeville, Metairie, and other surrounding cities.

Our New Orleans roof cleaning techniques will assure that you will receive these benefits from our services:

Roof Cleaning Service in New Orleans - Big Easy Pressure Washing

  • Maintain the curb appeal of your home. A nice, clean roof can make a difference when you look at the overall aesthetic of your property.
  • A well-maintained roof where undesired growth of algae, moss, and lichens is prevented. Cleaning a roof provides protection so that the wood underneath your roof will not be exposed to moisture that can cause rot and leaks.
  • Thorough cleaning because roof cleaning specialists know the right chemical mixture and cleaning method for your roof type, design, and material.
  • Prevent damage that can be caused by moisture and other degrading elements.
  • A sturdy roof that will provide you and the interior of your home with the protection needed from external elements.
  • A healthy roof that is free from unwanted growth, germs, and debris that can cause health problems for you and your family.
  • A functional roof will help you save money on more costly repairs and replacements.
  • Increased property value because a clean roof can be more attractive than a dirty roof.
  • Improved energy efficiency is achieved by maintaining your roof’s ability to reflect UV rays.

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The cleaning methods and chemicals we use in our roof cleaning services in New Orleans are environmentally friendly and safe to use. They will not harm your plants or pets if they come in contact with them.

Our roof cleaning methods can improve the structural integrity of your roof so that it will provide you with the protection your home and family need from external elements.

At Big Easy Pressure Washing, We offer affordable roof cleaning services around New Orleans including surrounding areas. Our team of roof cleaning experts is ready to take on your roof cleaning project to freshen up the outside of your property.

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